The Art of Content

Regardless of the business intent, creating content is like any other creative process — it has to be relevant, it’s best when personal, and it’s often agonizing, especially if your team isn’t composed of the best writers, with a solid command of the English language. Let me help you, or your organization, make an unforgettable impression on your audience through engaging, professional, error-free writing and content services. 


Editorial & content strategy

More than just proofreading or being a "second pair of eyes," I can help research your intended audience — whether an academic journal or demographic to focus your marketing efforts -- for writing that hits the mark every time.



Grammar, punctuation, British English vs. American English, spelling — I can copyedit any document, often within 24 hours (with advance notice). As always, references and samples are available.


content creation

Blogs, press releases, social media posts, feature articles, and web copy are just a few of the reasons why a growing business needs informative, engaging content. Let me help write or ghostwrite it, so you don't have to.


Content that speaks volumes...

 Part researcher/part editor, I work with companies and individuals to create unique and compelling content across multiple sectors. B2C, B2B, niche markets--if you need great content and a strategy for how to approach your audience, I have you covered.

I have 20+ years experience researching and editing for academia, along with a Masters in Education (University of Memphis) and a BA in English (St. Lawrence University). I also work as a contributing editor for CLICK magazine (myclickmag.com), a regional for-print lifestyle publication in Mississippi. 

 My 10+ years experience as a creative on various marketing projects across verticals and media means I also understand the importance of acronyms like SEO, SERP and ROI for copy that works in the digital marketplace. 

Regardless of your publishing platform, I provide an expert review of your content along with copywriting and ghostwriting services.

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